Cross-border (overseas)
M&A expert team that specializes in middle market

In Japan's M&A industry, major financial institutions (foreign investment banks, major banks, and major securities companies) rarely undertake small- and medium-sized projects that generate advisory commissions of less than 100 million yen, and instead concentrate on large M&A projects that often involve large loans. Although many specialized companies and small and midsize financial institutions enter small- and medium-sized M&A markets, they tend to avoid cross-border M&A services, which require a high degree of expertise. A small number of specialized boutiques (small businesses) are involved in cross-border M&A support services, but the variation in quality they provide is seen as a problem.

Since our company's founding in 1991, we have been able to support the survival and development of more than 3,500 small- and medium-sized companies through friendly M&A transactions. Drawing on our company's years of accumulated experience and know-how, our expert team provides support for overseas company purchases (setting up operations overseas) and overseas company sales (withdrawing/relocating from overseas and executing overseas business successions). We pride ourselves in being the only company that is able to provide a high level of support, both in "quality" and "quantity," in cross-border M&As for not only major companies but medium-sized companies and strong companies as well.

In addition to exceptional domestic M&A support,
active support for cross-border M&As of medium-sized companies

Experienced expert team

If likened to a method of treatment, an M&A transaction would be equal to surgery. The more difficult the surgery, the more important it is to have a surgeon who has both technical skill and experience. Similarly, for cross-border M&A support, which requires a high degree of expertise, we assign to each project a "visible" full-time manager who has at least ten years of M&A experience and abundant overseas experience. Thus, we offer consistent support from project formation to contract signing.

In foreign countries having different regulatory systems, business practices, and business environments, it is essential to collaborate with experts who have a high degree of professional expertise in each field to ensure that the M&A project succeeds smoothly. For our part, in addition to our M&A-experienced in-house expert team (consisting of twenty lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, and other qualified personnel), we have established a system of collaboration with outside experts trained in other countries' regulatory systems (foreign investment restrictions, corporate laws, labor laws, and tax laws), accounting, financial, and tax systems, and markets, making it possible to provide a high level of professional service "comprehensively" and "unreservedly" "from the consultation stage."

Yoshihiro Yasumaru

Cross Border M&A Division,General Manager, U.S. Certified Public Accountant (USCPA)

Yoshihiro Yasumaru


Born in 1968. After working for a general trading company and audit corporation, joined Nihon M&A Center in 2002. Stationed in Indonesia for 6 years during period with trading company. Focusing on cross-border M&A in Asian countries, has supported approximately 80 M&A projects (locations such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Bangladesh). Much M&A support experience in Asia entry, withdrawal, and relocation.

Working in collaboration with greatly experienced experts (lawyers, accountants, and others), we have developed a system of full support, from sourcing to closing, for cross-border M&A projects that require advanced expertise. Please feel free to contact us.

Hiromitsu Watanabe

Cross Border M&A Division,Manager

Hiromitsu Watanabe


Born in 1975. After working for a major chemicals manufacturer, joined Nihon M&A Center in 2004. Earned MBA at UK's Nottingham University (2004), and engaged in public to private management buyout (MBO) research at said university's MBO Research Center. Has experience in multiple M&A support projects for listed companies, and has provided support in over ten cross-border M&As (including U.S., China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea). Specialty field: Manufacturing (related).

The road to M&A deal completing is difficult, even in domestic projects, but is even more difficult in overseas projects. The courage to withdraw from negotiations is required at times, but regardless of the circumstances, we strive to provide the best support possible from our customer's viewpoint.

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