Reliable, completely independent, company listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Rated No.1 in M&A firm for SMEs.

The Nihon M&A Center is a completely independent M&A firm that was founded through joint investment by certified public accountants and tax accountants throughout Japan. Because it is completely independent, it can provide meritorious brokerage services for both transferring companies (companies to be sold) and acquiring companies from a truly neutral position, without depending on certain banks, securities companies, and acquisition candidate companies.
Also, in December 2007 the Nihon M&A Center became listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which strongly requires compliance and corporate social responsibility; moreover, the company manages confidential corporate information and observes laws with utmost care.
The Nihon M&A Center has a high contract signing rate for friendly M&As aimed at company "survival and development," and during the 25 years since its founding, it has completed more than 3,500 small- and medium-sized company M&As! We take pride in having the No.1 record of performance in the industry.

Three reasons for our strength in cross-border M&A