Cross-border-related consultations,
and advisories have accelerated in recent years.

Record of cross-border support

Year Transferring
2016 Cafeterias,restaurants Singapore
Funeral services Japan
2016 Construction Vietnam
Construction Japan
2016 Electronic component assembly Japan, Hong, China, Myanmar
Electronic component assembly Hong Kong, China
2015 IT systems industry India
IT systems industry Japan
2015 Printing Indonesia
Printing Japan
2015 Plastic-related products manufacturing Thailand
Plastic-related products manufacturing Japan
2015 Semiconductor-related manufacturing industry China・South Korea
Industrial equipment manufacturing industry Japan
2015 PC-related product sales Taiwan
Investing company Japan
2014 Semiconductor component manufacturing Taiwan
Investing company Japan
2014 Specialized equipment manufacturing China
Specialized equipment manufacturing Japan
2014 Machinery manufacturing South Korea
Machinery manufacturing Japan
2014 Film processing China, Hong Kon
Investing company Japan
2014 Metalworking Thailand
Metalworking Japan
2014 Metalworking Indonesia
Investing company Japan
2013 Metalworking China, Hong Kong,
Thailand, Vietnam
Metalworking Japan
2013 Printing China, Hong Kong
2013 Metalworking China, Hong Kong
Metal parts trading company Japan
2013 Metalworking Indonesia
Precision equipment manufacturing Japan
2012 Packing material trading company China, Hong Kong, Thailand
Packing material manufacturing Japan
2012 Machine manufacturing South Korea
Machine manufacturing Japan
2012 Machine trading company China, Vietnam
Specialized equipment manufacturing Japan
2012 Toy manufacturing/
Apparel manufacturing Japan
2012 Cosmetics wholesaling U.S.
Investing company Japan
2012 Apparel manufacturing China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh
trading company
2012 Food manufacturing Singapore, Thailand
Food manufacturing Japan
2011 Metalworking Thailand
Plastic molding Thailand
2010 Film processing Japan
Investing company China
2010 Information services U.S.
Information services Japan
2010 Electronic component assembly China, Hong Kong, Malaysia
Information services Japan
2008 Metalworking Japan
Investing company China